Havana Photography Workshops     November, 2018  Sat. to Sat.  (Watch for late November, January and February 2018 workshops)

$1850 incl. accommodation w/breakfast every day and dinner for 5 days

Please visit: www.havanaworkshops.com


Get off the tourist path and see the REAL Havana!

For an authentic adventure join photographer Dan Callis in HAVANA, Cuba, a city almost frozen in time with its colonial architecture and old cars. Present day havana may still echo the 1950's but you'll also find a vibrant culture with amazing music, African influences, and, of course, cigars, rum, and dancing!

In Havana you'll find resourceful, proud and friendly people, all part of an urban landscape that is so visually rich you'll have trouble deciding what not to photograph.

Photographers of all levels are welcome. It will be a cultural experience seen through your lens.


What’s included: Accommodation with breakfast every day, dinner at home base, (5 days), and workshop tuition.

What’s not included: Airfare, ground transportation, Cuban exit tax, ($25), meals other than those provided at home base and all other personal or incidental expenses including entrance fees, taxis etc.




Digital SLR and laptop with editing software. (I use Adobe Lightroom).

For lenses, I recommend a 24-70mm, maybe a 70-200mm and a fast prime like a 50mm.            




Small Group - Individual Attention - Cultural Immersion


The small number of participants ensures I can give you individual attention and attend to the different skill levels. We explore different areas of the city every day and return to home base where we will edit, process and generally discuss your images. 

I am there to give you guidance every step of the way. A small group of like minded people from different backgrounds and age groups makes for a great learning environment.


We live with Cuban families in a busy Cuban neighbourhood within walking distance to the big hotels and tourist areas. There are very few tourists in our immediate neighbourhood and there are great photo opportunities right outside the door. We will hit the must see tourist areas but also go where few tourists can be found.


AMERICAN CITIZENS: You no longer need to apply for a general license!




Saturday - Participants arrive

Sunday to Thursday - Photography activities 

Friday - Personal day

Saturday - Participants depart



CONTACT: To reserve your spot or to get more information, please contact Dan Callis 

tel: 902.499.1290     dan@dancallis.com   website



ACCOMMODATION: Secure accommodation in a  private room with bath. Part of the cultural experience is meeting Cuban's where they live. We stay in 2 or 3 B&B's, depending on the size of the group, all within a couple of blocks. We gather each morning at home base for breakfast together. There we discuss the day ahead and return to edit, process and discuss our photographs. Home base is where we gather day and night. We arrange wonderful family like dinners at home or venture out to one of the many restaurants in the area. Cuban food is no longer the disappointment it was 10 years ago and there are some very good eateries within walking distance, including a very good one right across the street where the average meal is around $10. There are also many higher end restaurants popping up around the city.


Breakfast at home base is excellent and generous. Fruit, bread, eggs, Cuban coffee.


The airport taxi to downtown is $25CUC’s. From home base we’ll walking most of the time, but taxis or bicycle cabs, ( for 2 ppl), are everywhere if you’re feeling tired, and usually cost btw 4 and 7 CUC’s to anywhere in Havana, (except the airport!).

A ride in a 1950’s taxi can be quite a thrill!


Note:  Visitors to Cuba now must have proof of valid medical insurance. Participants are responsible for ensuring all necessary documentation is current and valid.


Money must be converted to Cuban Convertible Peso at the airport or at a bank.

Visit: www.havanaworkshops.com for more information.



Dan’s photo tour of Cuba was amazing. He accommodates clients in Havana, in an above street level family owned complex that provides bedrooms, a common kitchen for breakfasts and other meals, and a living area for socializing and reviewing photographs. The most important element of the tour is that you are completely embedded in the real Cuba of Havana. This is not a tourist experience. You live with a Cuban family, and spend the days receiving instruction and photographing the natural, gritty, populous environment of Havana. The residents are for the most part extremely accommodating, making the street and portrait photography very enjoyable, and the people, backgrounds and vistas are quite unique and interesting. 


Dan has been a regular traveler to Cuba and can host almost as a native. He is a commercial photographer from Halifax. He is a very bright and engaging instructor, and works hard to bring an authentic visual and sensory experience to his clients. 


The tour includes travel to the more usual “tourist” destinations in and around Havana, but more importantly Dan has connections that get you inside the really unique authentic Cuban/African music and cultural events, and for me the non-photographic highlight was 2 amazing evenings with an incredible well known Jazz musician and his band.


Dan has US clients and can assist with all the travel issues.





I have wanted to visit Cuba for several years but only recently was I able to convince my wife that this was a trip we should make. She was nervous about us going on our own, so, as we are both photographers, taking a  photography workshop in Cuba seemed the sensible thing to do. We had several options, but one phone call to Dan convinced me that Havana Photography Workshops was for us. And, Oh Boy, it was the right decision; we had an incredible experience. Because of Dan's knowledge of all things Cuban, especially the music, we were able to interact with and get to know the people of Havana. We stayed with a local family, well away from the tourist area, in a bustling neighbourhood where we got to experience the true culture of Cuba. From a local  boxing arena,  to a small music club, to a private band practice, to local restaurants, we photographed and were involved with the culture in a way that no other photography workshop in Cuba can match. I have been to other photography workshops in other countries, but none have measured up to the experience that Dan provided us.

Oh, as for the photography, my wife has won several awards both locally and nationally with her images from Havana.


Bob & Wendy



Dan's workshop in Havana was even better than I had expected. The accommodations were lovely and in a central location and Dan's knowledge of Havana made our daily walks most enjoyable. We got a real Cuban experience and were amazed by the kindness and curiosity of such sweet people. Most importantly, the images I captured and the tips I learned from Dan and the group have made a significant impact on my photographic skills. I am SO grateful for having taken that trip! Thank you Dan!!!! I will never forget it! 


Nicola Siso